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About Us

Your Eyes, Our Focus

We understand the fast-paced world and the importance of your time. Lumen Eye Center was created to listen and take care of you in a thorough yet efficient manner. We believe that eye care should be a collaborative effort, and we are devoted to spending quality time focused on you to provide customized solutions for your unique needs.  Whether you are a busy professional who ran out of contacts or looking for stylish new glasses, or someone with a complex medical history seeking customized treatment, we are here for you!

Our Story

Lumen Eye Center was founded by Dr. Tina Ansari to deliver individualized eyecare services to the patients in her community. After several years of working in various modes of optometry and ophthalmology settings, she decided to create a unique practice of her own that would allow her to provide the level of care that she has been trained to, while focusing on the patient experience, and specialties that she is passionate about. This decision was soon followed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which presented its own challenges at every step. Despite the unexpected delays, our team at Lumen Eye Center is excited to get its doors open to our new guests!

Our Mission

To provide proactive, preventative, and personalized eye care and a seamless experience to every single patient, in a professional, yet fun and relaxed environment.

Our Core Values

Patient-First: Our highest priority is the well-being of our patients and we emphasize that in every decision we make.

Integrity: We value honesty and apply all moral and ethical principles in every aspect of our practice.

Future Driven: We continuously strive to elevate the care of our patients by bringing state-of-the-art equipment to the forefront of our practice and staying up to date with the latest in eye care

Compassion: We bring a friendly environment that promotes teamwork, kindness, and empathy.

Our Doctor

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